Packaging Details

Please refer to this chart [PDF] for all packaging information (cup measurements, case pack dimensions, weight, etc.)

General Shipping Info

  • FOB (U.S. Ground Shipments): Usually ship FOB Buffalo, NY but can also be shipped from Toronto, ON.
  • FOB (U.S. Expedited Shipments): We will determine the best method and can ship either FOB Buffalo, NY or FOB Toronto, ON.
  • FOB (CDN Ground/Expedited Shipments): FOB Toronto, ON.
  • Preferred Carriers: UPS Ground, UPS Freight. Orders can also ship common carrier based on the best available rates.
  • Third Party Shipping: US shipments using a third party UPS account will ship FOB Toronto, ON. Orders shipping on a third party UPS account will incur a charge of $3.13(G) per box. Please contact customer service for specific details regarding your shipment.
  • Split Shipments: $9.38(G) per additional address.
  • Freight Quotes: These are for estimating purposes only and may be subject to change at the actual time of shipping.
  • Special Labeling: $0.63(G) per label
  • Address Errors: Shipping charges that are the result of an error in the shipping address provided with the order will be billed directly to the distributor.
  • Delivery Refusal: Any shipments that are refused upon delivery will be returned to Toronto

** Please note that the factory will not be responsible for lost, damaged or delayed product once an order has left our facility.

PP Shipping

Local pickup?

If you’re in the area and would like to pick up your order instead, let us know -
we’re always happy to meet our customers face to face!