Artwork Formats

Formatting: Please provide Adobe Illustrator (.AI or .EPS) files that are saved as vector or editable files. All fonts must be converted to curves or outlines in order to preserve your font format. Please ensure that all objects of the same color are grouped and placed on the same layer.

Art Charge: Basic art changes as well as vector conversions will incur art charges of $56.25(V). More complicated changes will be quoted on a per project basis.

Type Charge: The addition of text by our art department will incur a charge of $31.25(V). Fonts will be matched with the closest available.

Artwork vector format

Art Proofs

Virtual Proof: Our standard virtual proof is a full colour, electronic, blind proof that will be e-mailed within 24 hours of order placement, prepayment and receipt of proper artwork. The image of your logo, laid out on 1 or 2 sides of the cup, will represent actual size, colour and positioning on the product you have ordered. Our virtual proof is free of charge and covers the first proof plus 2 revisions. Any revisions after that will incur a proof charge of $20(G). All orders will receive a proof within 24 hours of order placement, prepayment and receipt of proper artwork. Proofs are a necessary part of the order process and cannot be waived.

Pre-Production Proof: We will print your artwork on samples of the product you have ordered. $312.50(G) charge per item, per colour, in addition to regular setup, proof and PMS charges. Preproduction proof will be produced in regular production time. Shipping is extra.

Proof Approval: All proofs must be signed and sent back before an order is sent to production. E-mail or telephone approvals ARE NOT ACCEPTED and your order will remain on hold until the signed proof is received. A final ship date will be assigned only once the final proof has been approved. It is understood that by submitting an order to Primary Printers and approving a proof, the distributor agrees to all of Primary Printers’ terms and conditions, regardless of what is on the distributor`s purchase order.

Revisions: Proof changes are also required in writing and a new proof will be issued.

Re-Orders: Reorders do not require a new proof as long as the artwork remains exactly the same, and the order is placed within 6 months of the last order.

PMS Colours

The Cup Store uses the Pantone Colour Matching System (PMS) to ensure we print the exact colour and shade you require for your artwork. We will ask you to provide the PMS number when you submit your order and artwork files, so that we can process your proof correctly. If you need more information on the Pantone system or would like to see the full range of colours, please visit the PMS website.

Stock PMS Colours: Primary Printers stocks the PMS ink colours listed below the image, which can be used free of charge. Both PMS 871 and 877 can be used on our off-set printer only (5,000 pieces or more).

PMS Matching Fee: $62.50(G) per non-stock colour.

PMS Matching: Ink colours will vary based on the surface we print on and the printer used. For example, paper cups absorb the ink and so the PMS colour may appear darker. On clear plastic cups some light filters through and PMS colours may appear lighter. We are not responsible for these variations in PMS colour matching. All efforts are made to ensure ink colours match up to 1 shade up or down from the specified Pantone colour.

Artwork vector format
  • PMS White
  • PMS Black
  • PMS Cool Grey 8
  • PMS Magenta C
  • PMS Reflex Blue
  • PMS 1225
  • PMS 1645
  • PMS 175
  • PMS 185
  • PMS 202
  • PMS 2725
  • PMS 273
  • PMS 278
  • PMS 287
  • PMS 295
  • PMS 321
  • PMS 348
  • PMS 355
  • PMS 376
  • PMS 871
  • PMS 877

Production Time

Standard production time will range from 10-15 working days. During peak periods production time may increase to 15-20 work days. Please check with customer service prior to placing your order if production time is a concern. Your order acknowledgement will state the current production time at the time your order is placed. Any discrepancies between the acknowledgement and your PO should be reviewed with customer service immediately. Your order will only be scheduled for production once your proof and credit have been accepted. Production time starts at that point and shipping time is in addition to production time.